The Life of a Marine Corps Wife


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Hello all you military wives!

It’s been forever since I’ve posted on here, but I desparately NEED a wonderful, classy boudoir photographer in Jacksonville/ Wilmington area ASAP. Hubby & I’s first year anniversary is on July 3rd and want to send him a little sumfin’. I know it’s last min, but I’ve been SWAMPED.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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downalittlebackr0add asked: Do you still need photographers?

Yeah!! I’m still looking around! So yeah if you know some, I’d love to check them out! Thanks!! :)

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amarinewifeslife asked: i seen on here your picture pop up with a shirt that says my man is a marine and i was just wondering where you got it from, sorry if this comes off creepy just wondering though. :)

Hey! Sorry it took me so long to answer! My computer broke so I just checked this on my phone!! I actually got it from a store in Parris island two novembers ago. I’ll see if I can find out which store it was and let you!! Maybe they have a website? Lol

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As much as I want a wittle baby

I cannot have one! There is no way I’d be able to take my puppy ( a pitbull) on a walk with a baby on my hip! PLUS I live in an apartment complex! I need a backyard. I need a white picket fence. I need a house out of the city, a secluded little house on a farm or a field. AHHH. 

Why isn’t my lease up in October? Oh yeah, because I’m the dumbass that thought this place was perfect.

I guess they don’t show the waterbugs, carpet stains, broken shower head, broken fans or completely asymmetrical walls & layout in the tours.

BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, My wonderful, handsome, amazing husband will be home in just a little while and the chinese food, my puppy, and myself are here waiting for him :)

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